61afc3a9f4a19fcccc980ed1cbb3e032.jpgThe parisian woman style fascinates people internationally since time immemorial.

Women dream of Paris and its legendary cafés, bucolic lanes and the unique style of the Parisian who without being overbearing, always seems to send a chic and elegant image.

The Parisian style is mainly inspired by the minimalist design and is composed mainly of our dear basics parts essential of our daily wardrobe.

The Parisian cultivates her nonchalant side, studied her outfits consist in major part basics declined in neutral colors she mixes with trendy accessories to bring color to each of her looks.

The Parisian style is not explained, you can’t make this up and is incomparable.

The Parisian adopts a relaxed and very natural attitude. She wears usually a light make up to retain its naturally rosé skin tone, she doesn’t conceal her wrinkles symbol of her history and experience. Sometimes she wears like no make up on, or that’s the thing she tries to make us believe.

Behind his motto « less is more » is the opposite of ostentatious style and bling bling that can be found for example among American people or Italian.

Most of time her hairstyle and make-up result of a careful »effort » to appear nude and used makeup. Because yes, you must work on the natural effect !

A single line of eyeliner or mascara layer used to re-raise all her femininity and affirm its strong female personality.

The parisian style can be described as chic and casual, she has no equal for composing outfits resulting from a learned association between a basic piece and a more sophisticated piece. It’s an innate thing for her, a sense of French taste that you can’t learn.

Her natural attitude makes her look sexy and sensual without excess, Paris is never vulgar. She also loves to play with a Boyish style, androgynous, creating thus a feminine / masculine look finding oversized unique pieces in her man dressing !

a8b17c8cb75673caa2fae0da2ef4d02eShe knows carefully choose the clothes and accessories she wears. The core of her dressing is the set of her beloved basics that are a reference of Parisian style.

This is why the Parisian attaches a particular importance to her timeless pieces choices, because it will be the basis of her future outfits.

Parisian prefer therefore spend money in her classics pieces and she chooses beautiful noble materials, shapes quite conventional but  modernized by the associations that she will do.

Be a parisian it’s fist of all a real lifestyle. It’s not about only the fashion, the style, clothing … The Parisian is an exceptional personality and unique in itself that you cannot find all over the world.

She may look arrogant, inconsistent, demanding, that she becomes almost schizophrenic.

She is interested in many other topics that reflect for her the importance of the culture, education, her mindset and in her everyday life such as luxury, gastronomy, art, music, theater and films .

Le savoir vivre à la française …

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The parisian style is primarily the image of the women emancipation, freedom and equal rights they have achieved against men in the world of fashion.

7422e5132452684247c77edd83da6afc.jpgCoco Chanel , was the leading actress of the women emancipation in the 50’s Gabrielle Chanel is still considered as a liberator who helped the evolution of the female wardrobe in the history of fashion.

She is also the author of the  » élégance à la française ». Thanks to her creations, she empowers woman and allows her to becomes more independent than she has ever been.

Coco Chanel inspires women of his time by her taste and affirmed her difference. She will begin to show her « revolutionary » outfits at horse racing, with her inconvenient sets shirts – pants.

Gabrielle Chanel makes the skirts shorter, removes the umcomfortable women corsets, she cuts her long hair in a boy look and she also deals with the pants !

While wearing the pants were absolutely forbidden women from the French Revolution!

Follow then officers bérets, the sailor top and his legendary tweed suit inspired directly from military uniform.

Thanks to Chanel today women wear anything that they want to ! And her style will never stop to inspire the Parisian and her feminist side assumed with elegance.

In parallel of the models created by Gabrielle Chanel, Mr. Christian Dior107b3cdc1e3cb5d5755539c57356c079.jpg  also revolutionized the female wardrobe in 1947 when he proposes his NEW LOOK .

The woman in the post-war trying to shore up her self-esteem and she gets off all her dungeons, then she will be more sensual and feminine than ever.

The shoulders are narrow, buttoned jacket wasp waist, ending in a peplum shape, gracefully falling on the hips with a midi skirt while volume marks the arrival of the famous tailleur bar.

Even today Dior transmits his heritage and gives meaning to the sensual parisian style.


Yves Saint Laurent was also one of the creators that will influence what became the parisian style. He’s considered as the contemporary designer of female emancipation.

Yves Saint Laurent spent his life creating outfits inspired by the scene and the street. He actually made extraordinary collaborations with the greatest artists work.

He will be the author of the first female tuxedo in 1975. An outfit that is still worn today, and that we love for its glamour and sensual side.

Yves Saint Laurent women are beautiful, smoke, take the subway and run through the streets of the suburbs.

Saint Laurent is also the source of the power dressing that will give presence and allure to the woman in her work uniform. The woman will be more confident in the office, decision-making and will be placed on a par with the male sex. The tailors will be wide-shouldered and very waisted to retransmit all the power and beauty of the female body.

Yves Saint Laurent has always respected women, placing them at the rank of muses. It was rooted in his time and created for the present women without thinking to much about the future.

Today his designs have become iconic pieces that inspire our parisian style giving it this glamour sparkle. The parisian is a powerful woman.


Current ambassadors of parisian style were strongly encouraged by the pioneer creators responsible of the feminine wardrobe evolution  such as Chanel, Dior and Saint Laurent.

They are inspired by  their fundamental handing them up to the cusp of fashion in a cosmopolitan way,  modern and current.


She was a model and muse of Chanel. She has always been an icon of Parisian style. Ines was the first model to have signed an exclusive contract with a Haute Couture maison earning thanks to this opportunity her great reputation in the fashion world. She continues to inspire the parisian style, minimalist and elegant. Even nicknamed the  »  Queen of the timeless  . »

Ines de la Fressange made her outfits only with her basics that she associates perfectly to stay chic at all times. She loves the Navy color, slippers shoes, raw jeans and safari jacket. All her pieces are declined in neutral colors and accessorized in a raffiné way. You can find his favorite pieces at her own shop in Paris, Ines created his brand namesake.

Ines has published several books which deal with all these fashion tips and parisian style par excellence with lot of looks and ideas to seem distinguished at any occasion and all the best fashion addresses in the capital.

✖︎ Parisian Chic: A Style guide, Ines de la Fressange ( 2011 )
✖︎ How I dress today? Ines de la Fressange ( 2016 )


Model and musical producer, she is also one of the current muses that perpetuate the  » élégance à al française  . » Very simple in her looks choices, as always just obvious. She transcribes this feminine and romantic side of Paris.

Caroline made her outfits thanks to the essential basics of Parisian chic but twists them with more feminine pieces like little dresses wrap-in camisole straps or so romantic pieces such as  flowered blouses and lace tops worn on her favorite jeans .


Actress and singer, daughter of Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin. She is the incarnation of the Parisian boyish and androgynous style. Charlotte celebrates her Rock roots in each of her looks. She knows perfectly-ing dose the boyish and feminine side to rock chic outfits inspired by the men dressing.

Her basics consist of men’s shirts and oversized men’s jackets, straight jeans as well as a collection of leather jacket. Charlotte also loves wearing suits and feminine tuxedo neckline plunging that she can afford because she is small-breasted and a thin with a graceful silhouette.


We saw together that the parisian style was almost entirely composed of basics pieces, but you have to choose the right pieces for you, according to your morphology. Quality timeless pieces made of beautiful material, modern and especially adapted to your silhouette. You can then mix the pieces with colorful accessories, to bring a touch of joy to your Parisian looks.

Your figure has the distinction of being more developed in your hips than your shoulders. This requires that you put value in your upper body, your chest. But, you have to minimize the volume of your developed hips and avoid wearing bottom pieces too close to the leg. You can therefore opt for an outfit inspired by daily outfits Caroline de Maigret !

Screen shot 2017-12-30 at 20.13.19.png

(to don’t mark the line of your hips) + LOW BOOTS

You have a perfectly proportioned and harmonious figure all curves with well-defined waist. You can all afford, and thus choose to show your femininity. But you have to  pay attention about short dresses, too slinky or too low-cut risk of falling into vulgarity. So choose your little black dress and take the iconic trench of Ines de la Fressange!

Screen shot 2017-12-30 at 20.54.33.png


You have a perfectly proportioned and harmonious silhouette. You are slim and slender but you are lacking of shapes and curves. You have a significant size that will be your advantage to showcase and feminize your figure. This avoids all too masculine pieces which have to shape. Opt for a chic rock look as Charlotte Gainsbourg !

Screen shot 2017-12-30 at 21.06.52.png


Your figure is wider at the shoulders than hips. Your stature is developed, your hips are small, and you have thin legs. You must therefore focus on the lower part of your body and minimize the volume of your shoulders. You can opt for an outfit that pays tribute to Coco Chanel !

Screen shot 2017-12-30 at 20.36.23.png


Your shoulders and hips are in the same alignment and you have no waist . You must therefore avoid highlighting the lack of your waist and feminize your look and your outfit by attracting the eyes of your assets such as your chest or your legs. So choose this Parisian office look that will give you self confidence !Screen shot 2017-12-30 at 21.20.30.png


Your silhouette is all in generous and harmonious curves. You have a rounded figure, feminine and glamorous but you are often complexed by your lack of size and eventually your belly. The aim will be to feminize your look with glamorous outfits to highlight your flattering curves, so do not hesitate to adopt the heels ! However, avoid wearing waisted cuts, belted at the waist or too close to the body. Then choose a Glamour Chic look inspired of the man tuxedo as Yves Saint Laurent ! Screen shot 2017-12-30 at 21.37.46.png


My Best Addresses !

The apartment ✖︎ SEZANE 
1 Rue Saint-Fiacre, 75002 Paris

✖︎ Figaret Alain
21 Rue de la Paix, 75002 Paris

✖︎ Ines de la Fressange
24 Rue de Grenelle, 75007 Paris

✖︎ Eric Bompard
39 Rue du Bac, 75007 Paris

✖︎ APC
112 Rue Vieille du Temple 75003 Paris


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