a86ce7484fdb6051f8a2afee6ada86b9.jpgSometimes You wonder how to find your own style?

You have some little ideas but you don’t know how to make it happen in your daily outfits ? 

Maybe are you completely lost about the definition of your style and you do not even know how to begin this epic change ?

Don’t worry about it ! Your Personal Shopper Malwina is there for you to put you on the good way and help you finally to express your personality through your style !


This is the Malwina’s mantra and it means that :
« Your difference is your richness ! Find your soul style ! « 

Most of the women have more or less a hybrid style nowadays because everyone likes mixing and twisting clothes in an infinity way for a modern and trendy effect. The important thing will be to review your personal tastes and your preferences to find your own style.

To find your own personal style you need to follow this 4 easy steps below.
These steps will allow you to show your mindset thanks to you wardrobe ! 

Follow all the advices of your Personal Shopper Malwina !
Let’s do it !

Malwina vous offre votre guide Style et Morphologie ! (2).jpg


66bb23f33fb9d75e1df58a3f996d85a8For a very good reason, the morphology is appropriate to each of us and will remain unchanged during all our life. So you have to to know your morphology as soon as possible to be certain to select the clothes which are made for your silhouette.

Indeed, most of women favor the trendy pieces as well as the shapes and cuts of the season but sometimes the pieces that they choose are not adapted at all to their morphology. Final Result ? A clothe which will not have the expected effect and will not emphasize their silhouette, because of a bad clothing choice which does not favor them.

So you don’t need to walk straight to the trends if you don’t know which pieces are made for your silhouette and those which aren’t. First you must be focused on the right pieces for you.

It’s all about proportions, shapes, development of certain parts of your own bod . Capitalize on your own feminine strengths !

There are 6 types of morphologies which differs from a woman to another according to : 

  • The ratio between your shoulders and your hips
  • Your waist line ( marked waist or not)
  • The feminine curves more or less in shape


The main feature of your figure is the fact that you have hips more developed than your shoulders. You often have a size rather marked, so you have to highlight the top of your body, your bust and your shoulders and minimize the volume of your hips.



morphologie-style-950-e1527075128369.jpgMORPHOLOGY V

The main feature of your figure is the fact that you have shoulders more developed than your hips. You have most of time the waist more or less marked, so you must highlight the bottom of your body and your beautiful legs ! Also you have to minimize the volume of your shoulders.




The main feature of your figure is the fact that you have the shoulders and the hips totally in the same alignment. That means that you have a waistline non-existent. So you must emphasize your body in the best way within highlighting your waistline. Also, you have to feminize your figure thanks to the low-cut top, glamorous fabrics and all the kind of  details in your different outfits.



morphologie-style-950-e15270751283692.jpgMORPHOLOGY 8
Your have a perfectly balanced figure, your shoulders and your hips are nicely rounded off. You have a beautiful marked waist line. What else ?
Everything suits you ! Show your amazing body, sublimate in a fine and elegant way.




morphologie-style-950-e15270751283692.jpgMORPHOLOGY X

Your have harmonious proportions as well as the morphology 8 but the thing is that you are poorly curvy. You are thin and few forms with a waistline rather marked. So you have to highlight your waistline and feminize your presence.



morphologie-style-950-e15270751283693.jpgMORPHOLOGY O

You have a curvy figure with beautiful forms. Your body is harmonious and feminine. You haven’t a marked waistline so you can forget all the type of high-waist belts ! You have to focus on the fluid and vaporous fabrics. Your figure is all roundness, so you have to capitalize on your feminine strengths.



Now the first step is done :

Malwina Personal Shopper offers you a quick test to diagnose precisely your own morphology !
Let’s complete !





Once you will diagnose your morphology, the type of clothes that emphasize your figure and those to avoid definitely of your wardrobe, we can go for the step two which is : the analyse of your skin tone , you carnation.

In fact, most of women like all the different colors and shades but the real reason why they don’t wear colors in their outfits it’s because they just totally don’t know how to associate colorful clothes. Or, they haven’t any idea about the colors that suit their complexion.

Colors give an incredible power ! Some shades can illuminate your face and your skin tone, but colors can also make you look bad. Colors can boost your outfit and add a stylish touch to your look.

Actually what type of color range is exactly made for you ? 

It’s important to know, there are two big family of color range : 

  • The COLD TONES color range
  • The WARM TONES color range


From this information about the cold colors and warm colors, the four seasons method consists in 4 types of complexion :



    She has a peach, gold, cannelle or ebony skin tone . Her hair are brown, auburn or chestnut. Her eyes are brown, hazel, black or green. Warm colors are made for her !



    She has a rosé, light beige or porcelain skin tone. Her hair are brown, chestnut, black or grey. Her eyes are blue, brown, black or green. Cold colors are made for her !



    She as an ivory, honey or warm beige skin tone. Her hair are blond, ginger or chestnut. Her eyes are blue, green, grey or hazel. Warm colors are made for her !



    She has light rosé, clair light or light beige skin tone. Her hair are lights, blond, platinum, ash blonde or ginger. Her eyes are blue, brown, grey or green. Cold colors are made for her !

If you want to know your own complexion, you have to analyse first :

  • Your skin tone ( beige, rosé, honey, ebony …)
  • The color of your eyes
  • The color of your hair
  • The color of your vein on the wrist ( more blue/purple or green)

Once you will check all this informations you will be able to deduct your own color range, the shades made for you, and the metals that highlight and illuminate your complexion. ( gold, silver, white gold, pink gold , copper …)


Second Step to find your style is now done :

Thanks to Malwina Personal Shopper Here you have a quick test to diagnose your complexion  !



1801b70e2560ccc77d78fbe1a0e12687.jpgNow you know your morphology type and your complexion we can proceed to the third step which is : FINDING your own taste and your preferences in your daily style for now.

Your own style will be based on these two things : your taste and your fashion preferences. Thus, you should analyse yourself and the details which make you chose a piece, an outfit or a daiy look from another during your shopping time in stores. You have to understand which pieces attract you on the display and why those ?

You just need to do a simple statement about the pieces features which guide you by the shops :

  • Fabrics (fluid, natural, pleasant, comfortable…)
  • Shapes ( tight, loose, sophisticated…)
  • Colors and prints ( bright, dark, light, pastels…)
  • The length ( short, midi, maxi, long…)
  • Cuts (neckline, asymetric, empire waist, kimono sleeves…)
  • Details (embroidery, flounces, peplum, studs…)

Once you have checked the clothes features which you look at during your shopping time, you will begin gradually find yourself in a special style type .

31d122cdf7f84d1ac3ab5c1ad5a86fce.jpgIt will be also important for you to focus on your favorite brands. First you have to do a quick analysis on the brands you that you are used to buy but also on the brands you love the most even if you cannot quite afford.

Specially the luxury brands, because they have a real , unique identity and a strong brand image in which you can your own style.

Thus, you can let show through you style according to the brands you like and those which make you dream.

For example, women that love Chanel luxury pieces are likely to develop a Classy Chic Style, very elegant and soft. Otherwise, women which love Chloé clothes and accessories fond themselves in a Bohemian Chic Style, with ethnical inspiration.

Then, progressively you will nail down your style according to :

  • Your preferences and the features which make you chose a piece ( fabrics, shapes, curs, lengths, details…)
  • Your favorite bands or the brands in which you can find yourself

Malwina your Personal Shopper  sets up a method consisting in a definition of style according to your preferences and your tastes and thus deducted 9 stylistic categories from it in which everyone can recognize himself. You can naturally find yourself in several categories and mix your different styles according to your desires.


( click on each categories to see more)


capture-d_c3a9cran-2017-10-04-c3a0-19-35-44CASUAL CHIC STYLE

A style completely adaptes to a daily use, during your days off, your holidays, the weekend, when you go out with your friends. This style is a mix between all the basics pieces of your warderobe, comfortable, practical pieces and several more sophisticated pieces. For a Casual Chic look, elegant and feminine.


capture-d_c3a9cran-2017-11-15-c3a0-14-25-42CLASSY CHIC STYLE 

A timeless and elegant style. This stylistic archetype is specially made for modern working girls ! The Classy Chic woman is very neutral and classic about the choice of her outfit mostly composed of basics pieces but always twisted with beautiful prints and trendy accessories for this powerful woman ! 


capture-d_c3a9cran-2017-11-16-c3a0-14-33-09 MINIMALIST CHIC STYLE

The minimalist chic style is very simple and neutral.
The cuts and the shapes are straight, clean and no frills.
The minimalist Chic woman have a sober, elegant and pure style. She likes her essentials, timeless pieces and perfect shapes.



capture-d_c3a9cran-2017-11-17-c3a0-17-45-46PREPPY CHIC STYLE

The preppy style is all about sober basics and neat dress.
The lines are pure, the special feature of the preppy style is to look overdressed without spending a lot of time in front of the mirror. The Preppy chic woman have a uniform and elegant style inspired by the english style of the students in the middle-class. She likes the basics pieces but doesn’t hesitate to sophisticate her outfits with precious fabrics like the jacquard or brocart.


capture-d_c3a9cran-2017-11-18-c3a0-13-34-19The Bohemian chic style is mostly inspired by the ethnical influences.
The inspiration is bohemian, with fluid cuts, Welcome to Coachella ! The bohemian chic woman mix two fashion styles : bohemian and chic elegant style. She prefers fluid and natural fabrics with a lot of different prints and embroidery.



capture-d_c3a9cran-2017-11-18-c3a0-15-53-53GLAMOUR CHIC STYLE

The glamour chic style is first of all a mindset. The glamorous woman must be comfortable in her own skin. Sexy and attractive ! She is always thinking about her figure, her presence and her attitude which gives her credibility. Her clothes are tailored cut, highlight her body and her curves. All the fabrics selected by the glamorous woman are as sensual as her. She must be  glamorous from head to toe !


capture-d_c3a9cran-2017-11-26-c3a0-20-34-47ROCK CHIC STYLE

The rock chic style is characterized by the predominance of the black color in all rock chic style woman outfits. The idea is to play with different fabrics to make shine your look and modernize it ! Try to associate : leather, cotton, denim, fur, lace … The rock chic woman loves rock type basics pieces as the perfecto, black boots, leather pants … make them look more feminine.


capture-d_c3a9cran-2017-11-27-c3a0-12-42-14ROMANTIQUE CHIC STYLE

Romantic style is very feminine and gently-rounded. This stylistic archetype represents an optimistic and quite mushy woman ! The romantic woman chooses and mostly likes pure lines, harmonious cuts and delight pieces. She prefers flexible and flu fabrics, vaporous and really delicate. The romantic style is also characterized by a special light color range, pastels and lovely feminine prints through which she can express her fresh personality !


capture-d_c3a9cran-2017-11-27-c3a0-13-29-49BOYISH CHIC STYLE

A Boyish style, between the masculine and feminine elements, almost androgynous. This stylistic archetype is all about a tomboy woman who loves to pick up her husband or boyfriend clothes by assuming her feminity ! The Boyish Chic woman selects classic pieces from the dressing stolen from men ( shirts, jacket, pull-over, sweater, coat …) and she mix it with feminine details to highlight her figure !


Third Step to find your style is now done :

Thanks to Malwina Personal Shopper Here you have a quick test to diagnose your style preferences !




9981b9b547f14657f885852284f8a4c1.jpgAt this point you know practically everything about you ! Your morphology, your complexion, your taste, your style preferences and now we can focus on the fourth and last part of this style experiences with all the advices needed to fin your own style.

You know now how to adapt the choice of your clothes in your different outfits according to your figure, your skin tone, your personal style taste but you mustn’t forget the most important part which is : your lifestyle and your personality !

Actually, you style will not be as authentic if you just play a part in the decision about your daily look. Your style must be the perfect reflect of your soul and thus refer completely to the way you are !

Thus, it’s really important to consider your everyday life which will influence several of your outfits choices relative to :

  • Your lifestyle ( active, sedentary, with or without kids…)
  • Your job and your professional area ( office, business, creative, on the ground…)
  • Your place of residence ( city, country, sea, mountain …)
  • Your place of residence climate (hot, cold, wet, dry…)


The way you are and you personnalité will dictate the primary criterion to consider for the choice of your look, your own style because it will reflect yourself to the whole world.

3f1832be08b6b3246ade1a9262712091.jpgThus, if you are extrovert by nature and a dynamic person you will automatically rely on fresh and strong colors, huge accessories and original pieces.

Otherwise, if you are a little shy and calm you will from yourself choose light and pastel colors, delicate and sober accessories and basics sophisticated pieces.

Everthing will depend on your character and your personality ! Only you can judge if you are ready or not to choose this or that clothes, and which pic you are ready to dare in your daily looks.

Finally, don’t denature yourself ! Your difference is your richness, that’s why everyone is unique !

 Now you know everything about
 » How to find your own style »
If you want to apply Malwina’s Personal Shopper advices you can also meet Malwina for a Personal Shopping Session in Paris or in Europe !

More informations about the Personal Shopping session here
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